Roche Case Study

Roche is a global health-care company that operates under Pharmaceutical and Medical Diagnostic divisions based out of Switzerland.

Inside Roche


  • New Industry and Vertical for Jump
  • Create a single impactful communication/visual concept for the latest breast cancer pharmaceutical
  • Campaign had to take into account impact upon different countries and cultures
  • Campaign needed to blend cold efficacy and laboratory results with a human element


  • Jump developed two brand strategy centering on strong copy with hopeful overtones/imagery to reinforce the rational/medical attributes.
  • Reinforce the efficacy of the product without negatively impact the audience.


  • Instead of just a single concept, both concepts were selected for brand adoption
  • Jump has been added as a permanent vendor
  • Jump has been invited to all concept pitches since adoption of the Kadcyla strategies
  • In the past 6 months, Jump expanded into all brand and design aspects of Roche’s breast cancer pharmaceuticals and into two additional pharmaceutical lines

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